Linux Debian Help Desk Building the IRCDDB  Gateway, StarNet and DstarRepeater Software from source.  This build is base on Debian 7.0

     Building the ircDDBGateway from source with the DExtra or DCS switch to link to one or the other reflector type.

            1. Linux commands used to install OS updates and a few essential files
                 root@ALQNET~# apt-get update
                                           # apt-get install build-essential
                                           # apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-dev   ---  command to check installed version is -- # wx-config --version
                                           # apt-get install portaudio19-dev

            2.  Use the unzip command to unzip ircDDBGateway zip file.

                 It will build a directory called ircDDBGateway

                 In this directory copy to
                 once copied, open into a text editor (nano) and change your selection switch to DExrta or DCS link.
                 This will allow you to link your StarNet Group up to a XRF or DCS reflector. Once the selection switch has been
                 made, complied the gateway software

                 make install

                 After the compilation is completed you will need to make directories in two places before you run the configuration
                 program for the gateway. Create sub directories "ircddbgateway"  in  /home/opendv for the configuration file and
                 "opendv" in /var/log for the log file.

                 /opendv~# mkdir ircddbgateway
                 /var/log ~# mkdir opendv
Building DStarRepeater from source.

           1.   DStarRepeater needs libusb-1.0.9 to be installed. It is not in the respository so you will have to use the
                 tar command to extract it.  Go back to root prompt or root command line below and issue the tar command.

                 # tar jxvf libusb-1.0.9.tar.bz2

                 The tar command will  create a directory call "libusb-1.0.9"

                 Go into that directory and used the commands below to complied.
                 # ./configure
                 #  make
                 #  make install

             2.  Use the unzip command to unzip


                  # unzip  

                  Once unzip go into the DStarRepeater directory  to build the dstarrepeater program.

                   #root@ALQNET~/DStarrepeater #

                   For a 32 bit Debian OS use the the below files to copy into another.
                   cp   to

                    Once copied now you can compile DStarRepeater in the same directory by using the commands below

                    #root@ALQNET~/DStarrepeater #

                    # make
                    # make install

               3.  Once the compilation is completed go into /home/opendv and create a subdirectory call dstarrepeater.

                                /home/opendv~# mkdir dstarrepeater

                     Now you can go into /usr/bin directory and run the configuration file to build you repeater. Make sure you save it so
                     you will create a configuration file to go in and make edits.

                4.  You can now configure the DStarRepeater program to mate up with the ircDDBGatway program
                      for operations. Make sure you read the PDF documentation on the DStarRepeater program so you can
                      learn all the new features.

Some usefull Linux Command Line commands

Find a process ID of a running Linux program

Command = pidof --- the Linux program name = dstarrepeaterd

# pidof dstarrepeaterd

Adduser command =  adduser Kevin

QNet Routing Servers Diagram
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